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Happy New Year, folks!

I'm here because I just signed up for GYWO and I just realized the difference between Tumblr and this site, seeing as here I actully got something written, unlike on tumblr. Oh well, trying to do bettern in the 2016.

Are you still here, fellow Jooster-fans who didn't follow me to the procrastination paradise? Drop a note if you like, let's catch up.
My contributions to the sabriel_mini bang. Story by eneumann 

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Art Post for This Frog Is No Prince

This is the art for This Frog Is No Prince by ig_nobleigh for 1upona_sabriel (tier 1). 


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What comes to classics, Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas and that song in the title are songs I love at Christmas. Also It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas and Silver Bells are amongst the top ten. The thing is, I cannot listen to them until it's no more than 3 weeks or less till Christmas, they are something I wish to save from over-listening.

What is my favourite not-so-traditional Christmas song, is Stowaway from Doctor Who. I love it and I just found it this year. Finnish Christmas songs in that category are Jossain on kai vielä joulu and Oikein surullista joulua by Leevi and the Leavings. Especially the latter one is funny as they wish dull, dark, cold, dreadful and very sad Christmas
What is your favorite holiday carol or song?
in a way that I want to write it on the Christmas cards I'll send.

I got myself Spotify

And now I'm in love. Completely. 

Guys. There's so much Tom Lehrer. If I had known this earlier, I would have gotten it sooner. Oh, and my MP3 player apparently works. It was just being picky and refused to charge the battery on school computer... o.O

I have a test tomorrow. Haven't read a thing.

I can't live, if livin' is without music

My MP3 player is apparently dead. Reseting doesn't work, nothing I can think of does. Somehow it feels like a tiny part of me has died, or is at least sick and drinking hot chocolate under blankets at home. Meaning, I feel a bit lost and naked now at school. Not cool.

The question is, can I live till yule to ask a new one as a present or will it be impossible to wait that long (a month and 10 days!) without one?

#FirstWorldProblems, I know.

I saw the last Potter last night.

I did cry. Enough said.
...when you are reading a cute fic with your favourite pairing dancing and when you reach the part: 'The hand at his own waist felt large and warm, even through the silk of his suit' all you can think of is boy, you are going to have some troubles to get that hand-shaped sweat-stain out of that suit, silk, what were you thinking? C'mon, SERIOUSLY, brain, now is not the time to think what teacher said about silk and stains! Especially since he can obviously use dry-cleaners or let's say the suit is that latest nano-technology, stain-resistant and all that. Can I go and stop bothering about real life stuffs for a moment, now?

I should sleep in classes, I should sleep in classes, I should sleep in classes, I should sleep in classes...

Soundtrack of my life - meme

Found this meme on FF.net from Kiss Mae and it sounded like fun.
How it works:
1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc)
2. Put it on shuffle
3. Press play
4. For every question, type the song that's playing
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button
6. Don't lie and try to pretend you're cool.

Opening Credits: Hollywood – Marina and the Diamonds
Waking Up: Uptown Girl - Westlife
First Day at School: If You Ever – The Rasmus
Making Your New Best Friend: Lady in Red – Chris De Burgh
Falling In Love: I’ve got a Dream – Tangled soundtrack
Breaking Up: Get It Right – Glee Cast
Prom: Beauty and the Beast - Nightwish
Graduation: Teeth – Lady Gaga
Life's Okay: Love and Marriage – Frank Sinatra
Death of a Close Friend: No good deed – Wicked Soundtrack
Mental Breakdown: I get a kick out of you – Frank Sinatra
Driving: Strange – Tokio Hotel
Flashback: October and April – The Rasmus ft. Anette
Getting Back Together: Nature’s Law - Embrace
Birth of Child: Mowgli’s Road - Marina and the Diamonds
Wedding Scene: Don’t cry for me Argentina – Glee Cast (Kurt)
Car Accident: Mr. Pinstripe Suit – Swing Slingers
Final Battle: If I Let You Go - Westlife
Death Scene: Still Alive - Negative
Funeral Song: Saavatko he joskus toisensa – Isto Hiltunen
End Credits: I Can’t Decide – Scissor Sisters
Deleted Scenes: 4 minutes – Glee Cast

Oh my. Some of these are just perfect, like breaking up song and death of a friend, but others... Car accident. Well, I guess if there was some totally hot guy in pinstripe suit, I might not focus on the road... And death scene, OMGLOLZ.



I'm a tiny bit disappoinment -if we underestimate the feelings- about the state of our Super Nintendo. After about a month and a half waiting for a new RF switch cable being shipped here from the U.S. of A. I'm still not able to play all the awesome games we have -mainly Donkey Kong. There's still some problems, this time either with another cable, the controller (though it should work, it's new. But not an official one so maybe that's the reason) or the whole thing is so old we should just give up and have a funeral. Still I'm going to try again tomorrow to make sure it's not the controller, but I'm fearing the worst. Damn. It's not nice to give up on something that has been a part of childhood.


Went to see Tangled. It was cute. Need to see it in English as Zac Levi is in it. ♥ that man. Aaaand he can sing! Ohmigosh. I'm listening that 'I see the light' at the mo', which btw was the best I-think-I-love-you -scene since 'Something there' in Beauty and the Beast before I heard the song in English and now. Eargasm. Suddenly chocolate became unnecessary.

Ok, I may be a feminist on occasions, but the 11 years old me still in me loves Disney-princesses. Shut up and don't kill her. *pouts cutely*


Feb. 26th, 2011

Oh gosh this was funny!


Feb. 20th, 2011

Oh gawd. I'm having a cry fest purely because of this one song. Damn it's so moving. Need to make sure I won't watch Grilled Cheesus in public. Ever. Also this is clearly a song I can't upload in my mp3-player with the same reason... Damn. Because I really like this version as much as the original.


If anyone has missed the notion, I'm a GLeek. Big time right now. I did woke up at 5am (thank Gaga it wasn't at 3am) just to watch the newest episode fresh from the press. Well, it was TOTALLY worth it as my favourite character got a big part in it. Thriller/Heads will roll ROCKED. Every break at school I clicked on YouTube and watched it. OMG, that smile. ♥

This is also the first time I know who won Super Bowl. Also the first time I actually know what Super Bowl *is*. But boy, you Americans have so much ad breaks it annoys (judging by the amount of ads during the post-game show, even though they were slightly shorter than ours). We have only, well 4 now since some laws or whatever changed and it begame possible to put 4 ad breaks in one hour show, otherwise before that it was just 3. I guess why the amount had to be upped is because many people nowadays have those digiboxes that can record stuff and so everyone skips the ads. I too might put the recording on and then wait like 15 minutes and then start to watch it so I can skip the ads. It's so much better that way.

And now I'm going to rewatch the last night's episode just to see Dave. ♥ Pip pip!


So, my favorite ship tonight/this morning?

Might be because I haven't slept and it's 5.30am... I'm crazy. Don't tell me about it, I know. XD
Should I watch Queer as Folk?
Is it so very wrong to ship Will Shuester and Sue Sylvester? Darn, it looks like I'm the other one in this universum who does it... Yeah, 'friendship' is totally fine by me, but... A kiss with a fist is better than none, I'm told.

I seem to like the creepiest Glee pairings (Kurtofsky, Suester), at least what comes to the opinion of the majority of the fans (I think). THE HELL I CARE. I love them anyway. Sue is brilliant and how she gets the worst out of Will, it's just lovely to watch. And don't get me started about Kurtofsky. REDEMPTION, people. That's the only way it'll work. I ship Kurt with the former bully who has done some shit, yes, but who'll go through hell and stuff and grow to be an actually caring man far away from the wonders of Narnia.

And I need some people who'll understand my point in my flist.

Should probably go write some smut. Well, after I have watched the last episode of season one of Glee. Then I've only 2 episodes unwatched and after Saturday it'll be just one. =)


Glee - Kurtofsky Christmas icons

Oh my. I made a set of Christmas-y Kurt/Karofsky icons. How did that happen? Anyhoo, I'm starting to feel a bit silly about this, but I suppose that tends to happen at midnight (yup, I should be sleeping right now).
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Oct. 31st, 2010

I should know by now to always listen the flist as they know the best, but better now than never: fell for the modern Sherlock by BBC. Awesome, really. Me likes. Thankies.

And my everlasting love to the surfthechannel.com, where I have found many treasures. 'Cept for Hot Fuzz. Damn, that's hard one to find.

Batman is next on my list. You girls know why, I bet... Any suggestions? Already saw the Batman Begins one, so probably the Dark Knight is up to next, eh? ^^, Thoug, no Robin, I'm informed by the webs...

Happy Midsummer!

It's the weekend when we here in Finland celebrate the MIdsummer, generally by getting extremely drunk and drowing in various lakes and ponds. Feels like it's Xmas as we have cleaned the whole house and baked. I hope the weather will continue as nice as it's now so we can do all sorts of fun tonight like traditional Midsummer magic and trying old-fashioned beauty-tricks in smoke-sauna and stay up all night and watch sunset and sunrise after it. If not, then Imma watching old movies like Casablanca and write too, if I feel like it. Anyhoo, have a nice weekend too, whether you celebrate MIdsummer or not!