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Follow the Butterflies

- Diaries of the Next Disney Princess -

14 April
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So, this is the place were I should say something about myself, my journal and whatnot, eh? Well, I am from Finland, a girl, in my twenties and well, totally boring person in my real life, don't you know. Because I have a vivid imagination I like this not-so-real life better. I read, listen music and watch tv, walk and go gym every once in a while. Lately I have found out that I can actully write fanfiction in English so now I am kinda hooked on that and write Jeeves&Wooster-slash. Well, that have been on a big hiatus after I found Chuck, Sherlock and lately because of Glee. I have written some Harry Potter-fics in Finnish and if I ever have enough time I just might translate them.
My journal deals with my life, pretty much with social anxiety, overweight, studying, writing and whatever happen to pop in my head. The place also contains some man/manservant action and possibly in the future some gleek/jock-redemptionlove if I feel like it, so take that as a warning.